Get Insights About Sales Performance In Relation To Weather Conditions

This module contains the following analysis parameters:

Analyze Seasons Performance

Get transparent evaluations on which seasons of the year you generate the most turnover, orders, products, or participants. Based on these evaluations, you can make targeted business decisions to grow your business for a specific season.

Identify Sales Performance Against Weather Conditions

A certain weather situation will have an impact on how buyer behavior relates to your services. Based on the different weather conditions, we break down how your business behaviours relate to these weather conditions so that you can better manage your business based on this data. The breakdown includes how much revenue, participants, products or orders you generate at these weather conditions.

Analyse At Which Temperature The Most Turnover Will Be Generated

Buyer behavior can often have a dependency on a certain temperature situation. We provide you with a transparent evaluation of the temperature at which your company generates the most subscribers, orders, products, and sales.

Analyse Your Sales In Relation To Weather Conditions