Track The Capacity Of Your Locations To Keep An Overview

Overview, analyze, and react to your company’s utilization and no-shows insights from different channels, accounts, and multiple locations.

Keep Track About The Current Capacity Of Your Location

See in real-time the (Current) occupancy of your locations, which allows you to always have an overview of the participant flow of your locations. You can choose to view the sales for a specific period of time or the actual checked-in rate to make important decisions.

Checked-In And No-Show Analyse In Relation To Channels

Find out which channel has the most check-ins and no-shows, and use this analysis to prepare yourself to better manage app quotas, for example, if a particular channel has a particularly low turnover of sales to check-ins, so that you can generate the best output for your services.

Granular Analysis Of Check-In And No-Show Rate At Tick Type Level

Recognize the individual realization rates of different ticket types in the context of whether a buyer of this ticket type uses its service or not. Through these identifications, you can better manage your different ticket types for sales and generate more revenue.

Get Insights Into Your Capacities And No-Show Rate In Relation To Weekdays

With Eventgrated you get an automatic analysis of your capacities and no-shows of your on-site services and can use this valuable data to optimize your daily work, such as optimizing employee management on days when the workload is particularly high or low.

Analyse Your Capacity And No-Show Rate